The vision behind Step & Praise stems from our Christian faith and our desire to use the gift of dance to express worship to God. Our aim is to promote a standard of excellence in dance training and performance. We desire to encourage children of all ages to participate in different genres of dance, ranging from Ballet, Street Dance and Contemporary.

We hold over eleven years of dance experience having qualifications in A level dance and being awarded  accreditation in ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance.  We also have been members of various street dance companies and have had the opportunity to perform in venues all over London.  




Benefits of Step and Praise Classes

Enjoy dance without having to compromise ones faith.

Train in a high quality dance environment.

Become proficient in different styles of performing arts.

Individual assessments and certificates and awards.

Participation in performances.

Understanding the history of dance.

Builds a child's character; promoting confidence, teamwork and discipline.

Encourages creativity and imagination.