Step & Praise Dance Company
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“ Step & Praise have been dancing with us here at Jungle Monkeys Nursery for the past 6 months and what a profound impact they have had on our children & parents. Their all inclusive approach works hand-in-hand with our EYFS curriculum based learning. " -  Jungle Monkey's Nursery Manager.

As a dance company, dance outreaches and workshops held in schools and other educational facilities hold a high importance for us. This is why we have created a format in which we can go into an educational setting and encourage more children to participate in performing arts, an educational discipline that is becoming under funded across many schools across the UK. With this understanding we have set out after school clubs and in house workshops where although dance may not be a part of their curriculum , it is still accessible.

We provide in-house dance workshops for nursery, primary and secondary school aged children. Our classes typically consist of blocks of 6 week sessions or 10 week termly sessions that run for:

20mins - Toddlers

 * 30mins - Pre school aged children

 * 45mins - Primary aged children

 * 1 hour - Secondary aged children

Our after school sessions run for up to 30 mins to an hour. These sessions are for mixed ages and incorporate either Street Dance or Contemporary dance practice. These sessions are aimed at providing a safe dance environment at an affordable price where students can learn to expand on their artistic capabilities. 

Benefits of Step & Praise Workshops

  • Language development: Through listening and responding to instructions (Interactions and engagements).


  • Kinaesthetic: Builds up children’s motor skills by being able to move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space and handling props.


  • Auditory: Children will be able to express themselves effectively through rhyme and song.


  • Imagination and creativity: Through the element of dance children will be able to communicate and use expression through story telling.


  • Encourages healthy lifestyle: Children will become aware of the importance of good health and physical exercise.


  • Group Work:  Group work will allow children to be socially interactive with one another, showing respect and courtesy to their fellow peers.