Step & Praise Dance Company
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In Step & Praise we learn different types of dance, Street dance, Ballet and Contemporary. Mrs Seraphina and Miss Olivia both are good at teaching all three. They are patient when you don’t understand what to do.
— Step & Praise Dance company student

Olivia Masengi


Olivia’s desire for performing arts began at the age of eight years old where she was introduced to her school’s choir who took part in Newham’s schools festival, performing at The Royal Festival Hall. She took this opportunity of expressing herself through singing and subsequently took part in many of her school’s musical productions.

Olivia interweaved singing with dancing and acting. A few years on, she found herself studying at GSCE level, A-level and University, where she was awarded with first-class honours in Drama and Performance attaining a Bachelors of Arts award. 

Whilst studying as an actress and creative artist, Olivia decided to train in her first dance discipline, Contemporary dance. Olivia exposed herself to many other styles of dance

including Jazz, Street Dance and Classical Ballet and received awarded accreditations under The Royal Academy of Dance. She also received mentoring from Joanna Shaw, Director of One Youth Dance Company. Whilst being a member of the  company, Olivia performed in many different events across London, putting on showcases and thought-provoking performances.

Olivia’s vision is to bring a clearer understanding on how performers can use the arts as an expression towards God. Her driving force as a performer is that she believes dance to be a medium in which people of all ages can access, therefore having the ability to unite everybody.


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Seraphina Ukeleghe


Seraphina's passion and gift for the arts was encouraged at an early age through her father’s love of classical music and his unique ability to draw. Her early years involved learning the violin, piano and being introduced to ballet and tap classes where her thirst for artistic expression was further enhanced.

Seraphina spent her time developing her vocal ability in youth and Gospel Choirs. Her involvement in choral singing has enabled her to take part in many performances some of which include events at the Royal Albert Hall, the Newham Festival of Music and the Gospel Singers of the year competition, which featured on Channel 4 (2001). She has also been part of the process of recording and developing three Gospel albums.

Seraphina's passion for dance led her to train with street and expressive dance companies such as Boy Blue ent and Re-birth dance company. She also continued to study dance at GCSE level.  

Combining her interests in dance and singing Seraphina also trained with Theatre Royal Youth Drama Company, during this time she took part in enhancing her expressive skills through drama. She took part in several musicals including a production called ‘Ask da Mayor’. This process involved a collective participation in developing themes alongside script and song development.

Seraphina strongly believes that creative gifts are given to direct people back to God and ultimately tell stories that will challenge, provoke and inspire the receivers to go out and affect society in a positive way.